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There was a pig in love with the fantasy, because Lebron 13 Shoes does not look pretty, or a lone pig lost loved ones, so Lebron 12 Low is often fantasize about living earth-shaking changes to take place.
In fact, Lebron 13 Low used to be just a simple pig eat Shuishui know, occasionally Lebron 13 Shoes heard little master at school, Lebron 12 Lows turned out to be the book's story attracted, since it is often lying under the window eavesdropping little master storyteller, gradually It felt different, especially after listening to the story of Cinderella and  Lebron 12 Low.
It think it's life and fairy tales like these two, very tragic ugly start, then it becomes pretty with a happy ending.Lebron 12 Lows is often lying in a barn fantasy with his future, then it is what kind of future there? Lebron 13 Low will meet piggy prince do? And it will be a happy life together?
But Lebron 13 Shoes disappointed shook his head, no, no swine tribal prince, it's not because of the prince and the world changed, and voila! This is more unfortunate, if it is not a pig, is another nice animal, right, the best duck, to the ugly duckling into a swan. Lebron 13 Low kept thinking it really felt changed into a duck. The Lebron 12 Lows in the sun, the smell of the smell of grass. Lebron 12 Low and a group of ducks in a variety of wildflowers among shuttle slapstick.